Extension Cord Reels for Indoor and Outdoor Applications

Extension cord reels are essential in many work environments, particularly those where electricity is necessary for equipment and machinery. They provide a safe and convenient way to store and manage power cords in permanent or temporary environments, both indoors and outdoors. Additionally, cord reels reduce the risk of accidents and injuries by reducing trip hazards. Cord reels are especially useful in situations with heavy foot traffic or moving equipment since they keep cords off the ground.

One of the primary benefits of an extension cord reel is its ability to allow workers to easily extend and retract cords to the desired length when setting up equipment or moving between workstations. They also prevent damage to power cords—and the equipment to which they are connected—in environments with heavy foot traffic or moving equipment.

Another advantage of cord reels is their versatility. They can be used for various purposes, including powering tools and equipment and providing electricity to lighting and ventilation systems, to name a few. Additionally, cord reels come in multiple sizes and configurations, making it possible to find one ideally suited to the specific needs of a piece of equipment and its work environment. Let’s review the different applications for extension cord reels.

Extension Cord Reels for Indoor Use

Many industries use indoor extension cord reels for the safe, efficient, and versatile delivery of electricity to tools and equipment. At KH Industries, our indoor extension cord reels come in myriad styles and three colors. This offers users the opportunity to choose a reel based on amperage, cord length and type, or NEMA ratings.

Our CRK Series Cord Reel is a low-profile extension cord reel suitable for use in environments where a fixed L-shaped, powder-coated mounting bracket and built-in circuit breaker is beneficial. It is designed for indoor and outdoor use and includes a 5’ feed cord.

Our RTF and RTB Series Cord Reels are available in a yellow, white, or black powder-coated exterior, and their pivot bases rotate up to 345 degrees. They also feature a ratchet, come with a black or white electrical cord in custom lengths, and are suitable for outlet boxes, plugs, and connectors.

Below are a few examples of how different workplaces can benefit from indoor cord reels.

Commercial kitchens

Commercial kitchens of almost any size need the flexibility and utility an indoor extension cord reel can provide. In this environment, a cord reel can keep power cords organized and away from appliances and workers. A cord reel can also provide power to kitchen areas when and where additional power is needed.

Conference and convention facilities

With the constantly fluctuating layout of vendor tables and displays, a conference or convention facility has as much need for indoor extension cord reels as a construction site. A flexible power supply addresses the rapidly changing needs of a mercurial space like a conference or convention center, especially in a high-tech world where many use video displays to illustrate products and services.

Manufacturing facilities

Manufacturing facilities often have large machines or equipment that require power but must be mobile. An indoor cord reel makes managing these cords easier and more efficient and provides all the safety benefits mentioned above. With a variety of lift/drag and constant tension cord reels available, cord reels can be part of any solution, regardless of application.

Retail stores and displays

Retailers might seem unlikely users of extension cord reels, but they use power tools like drills and saws to install and maintain shelving, slat walls, racks, and displays. Cord reels can also be used to power lighting displays. An indoor cord reel can provide power to remote areas of the sales floor and stock room. It also keeps cords organized and out of the way, allowing customers and workers to navigate the store safely.

Educational institutions

Schools and universities have lecture halls, classrooms, and shops that use electronic devices, including projectors, wood-and-metal shop power tools, computers, and laboratory equipment. An indoor extension cord reel can keep cords out of the way, reduce the risk of tripping hazards, and make moving equipment between classrooms and labs easier.

Overall, an indoor cord reel can be a valuable tool in virtually any indoor workplace setting where power cords are present, helping to improve safety, organization, and efficiency.

Extension Cord Reels for Outdoor Use

NEMA 2 White Retractable Cord Reel 15 amps

Outdoor cord reels are useful in outdoor work environments beyond the obvious construction site application. Our reels are designed to provide a convenient and safe way to store and access electrical cords. This is particularly important in settings where cords that are tangled or in the path of equipment create unsafe work conditions and threaten the longevity of expensive machinery or tools.

Two of our most popular outdoor cord reels include the outdoor version of the CRK Series Cord Reel and our industrial-grade cord reel station.

The RTA Series Cord Reel provides a fixed L-shaped, powder-coated mounting bracket and built-in circuit breaker, plus the option of a watertight NEMA 5-15R connector.

Our industrial-grade cord reel station is NEMA 4X water-resistant and GFCI-protected. KH Industries offers retractable cord reels for even heavier outdoor uses, including our RTF and RTI series.

Below are workplaces where outdoor extension cord reels can be particularly beneficial.


Landscapers often need to power equipment like lawnmowers, trimmers, and blowers in outdoor settings with a limited electrical supply. Outdoor extension cord reels can make it easier to power these tools while keeping cords organized, reducing the chance of unintentionally severing a power cord.

Outdoor events

Crowded outdoor events like concerts, festivals, parties, and fairs require equipment like sound systems, lighting, and temporary refrigeration. These are precisely the environments where an extension cord reel can provide a convenient and safe way to power devices. In crowds of people, keeping electrical cords away from footpaths is essential.


While it may not seem obvious, farms frequently use electrical equipment outdoors. Pumps, heaters, lighting, and other machines and tools can be powered conveniently in a rural setting using an outdoor extension cord reel.


Recreational vehicles, generators, and lighting are all part of operating a campsite. Powering these devices safely in all weather is simple with an outdoor cord reel.

Transportation fleets

Outdoor extension cord reels are ideal for warming engine blocks for fleets of utility vehicles or buses, an essential function in places with cold climates. Additionally, utilizing cord reels and cord reel power stations to power onboard equipment for fleets and first responder vehicles is ideal.

Scrap yards, recycling centers, and lumberyards

Businesses where pallet jacks, forklifts, and mules are used often require the ability to recharge electrical equipment in garages and outdoor parking zones. Heavy-duty weather resistant outdoor cord reels are ideal for this application.

Outdoor extension cord reels are weather resistant, supporting efficiency and safety for workers and equipment.

Extension Cord Reel Specifications

Purchasing a cord reel requires the buyer to determine their needs before buying one. Those specs can vary greatly depending on the environment where it will be used, the equipment it will help power, and the cord length needed. Additional considerations are outlined below.

Cord length

Before purchasing an extension cord reel for indoor or outdoor use, estimate the longest distance you’ll need to accommodate. Your best cord reel length will be slightly longer than the required distance. Purchasing a retractable cord reel can also allow for additional ease and flexibility, as the cord will automatically retract into the reel with just a tug.


The diameter of the conductor within an extension cord is directly related to what kind of appliance or tools the cord will power. In an industrial setting, heavy-duty cords are called for. Using up to 15 Amps, they are available in 14 gauge and 25 feet long, 12 gauge and 50 feet long, and 10 gauge and 100 feet long. Learn more about AWG, or American Wire Gauge, here.


Buyers will want to ensure that the cord reel purchased considers the device for which it is intended. Buying a cord reel with an amperage that exceeds the requirement of your equipment is a safe bet.


Our cord reels are available in several colors, including black, white, and yellow. This allows the buyer to decide if they need a cord reel to blend into its environment or stand out for safety.

Cord reels come in many sizes, configurations, and colors, making them an ideal and flexible solution for charging, operating, or powering equipment in numerous settings. They are a valuable investment for work environments where power and electricity are needed. In addition to serving as a power conduit, they improve safety, increase job efficiency, and protect valuable equipment and machinery from damage, making them essential tools for hundreds of industries and applications.

To learn more about KH Industries’ many cord reel options and how we can support your company with our inventory of reliable tools, reach out today.


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