KH Industries explosion proof lights for Class 1 Division 1 Hazardous Locations provide safe illumination for task and job site areas deemed by the NEC as Hazardous Locations. KH Industries explosion proof lights are designed to Article 500 of the National Electric Code. Class I Division 1 is defined by flammable gases, vapor, or liquids, combustible dusts, ignitable fibers or flyings. KH Industries explosion proof lights are used for inspection and maintenance in various settings including gas and pipeline,refineries, on and off shore oil rigs, drilling and mining, HazMat storage and tank inspection.

For non-hazardous locations, KH Industries offers industrial grade temporary lighting and power products that are designed to withstand the rigors of extremely harsh, demanding environments. View our selection below of non-hazardous location temporary lights and power products often used by the Mining, Oil, Gas, Energy and Petroleum industries.



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Products For The Mining, Oil, Gas, Energy, and Petroleum Industry