Tough Portable & Hazardous Location Lighting

Built To Withstand Rough Aircraft Service Environments

Durable & Bright Lighting For Aircraft Hangars

KH Industries offers an unbeatable selection of hazardous location and portable lighting to meet the unique needs of aerospace maintenance, repair, and overhaul technicians. Our selection of NEMA certified explosion proof lights offers safety and durability in hazardous aerospace MRO environments. With fluorescent models offering up to 10,000 hours of life and an intrinsically safe battery operated LED light, there is a model and configuration to the exact needs of every technician and task.

In addition, the difficult to reach cavities of the aircraft will be well lit with portable, wide area lighting solutions like the quad light and add-a-lights, or our rechargeable LED flood light. Each of these lights are available in LED models – an in-demand choice in the aerospace industry as they have no mercury, RF interference, or UV radiation. The Quad light and Add-A-Lights are a particularly flexible option for technicians as anywhere from 2 to 20 can be strung together to form a continuous light source.

United Airlines is one of the many companies in the aerospace industry that chooses KH Industries for wide-area and task lighting solutions:

“With 19 years working in aircraft maintenance before taking my present position, I’ve had considerable experience inside poorly lit hangars, and working inside and around dark and unlit aircraft.

Back then, the only lights I had access to were made by Daniel Woodhead. Our industry is tough on these lights and Woodhead did not offer any product support. Obviously, product support is an essential part of product investment, so I decided to do some research, which resulted in discovering a company that fulfilled this need: KH industries with their excellent product line, including their highly efficient and versatile Quad Light offered me everything I needed when it came to providing aircraft technicians with a well-lit and safe working environment.”

– Tom Holcomb
United Airline
ASE Technician

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