Fleet Management for Utility & First Responders

Keep your fleet ready to respond with KH Industries lighting and power products. Whether its on the truck or in the maintenance garage, KH Industries understands the demanding environment our products will be relied on for superior performance.

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Aviation & Aerospace MRO

KH Industries’ Quad Lights durable design holds up to 24/7/365 usage in harsh, rough service environments. A selection of industrial-grade and hazardous location lights are available for both wide-area or task lighting.

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KH’s temporary power and wide area lighting products can be found on the manufacturing floor of customers in a variety of industries ranging from shipyards, auto manufacturing, and ground transportation to consumer, commercial, and industrial operations.

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Military & Defense Procurement

KH Industries designs and manufactures a variety of specialized lighting and power products that have been used by the United States Military and aerospace customers for nearly 60 years, including vehicle-mounted remote control spotlights, low voltage hand held water resistant spotlights (Jet Lights), and explosion proof lights.

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Mining, Oil, Gas, Energy, and Petroleum

KH Industries explosion proof lights for Class 1 Division 1 Hazardous Locations provide safe illumination for task and job site areas deemed by the NEC as Hazardous Locations. KH Industries explosion proof lights are designed to Article 500 of the National Electric Code. Class I Division 1 is defined by flammable gases, vapor, or liquids, combustible dusts, ignitable fibers or flyings. KH Industries explosion proof lights are used for inspection and maintenance in various settings including gas and pipeline,refineries, on and off shore oil rigs, drilling and mining, HazMat storage and tank inspection.

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Naval Shipbuilding and Maintenance

Rugged, high-quality portable and temporary lighting and power solutions from KH are indispensable in nearly every aspect of shipbuilding, and maintenance, repair and overhaul operations.

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Commercial & Retail Logistics

KH Industries’ line of temporary power and lighting solutions come in a variety of colors and configurations to meet the needs of customer-facing operations. From our light duty and heavy duty retractable cord reels to our temporary power solutions, KH Industries proudly powers retail environments across the globe.

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KH Industries offers a varied selection of temporary power solutions for events, conventions and exhibits. With retractable cord reels and temporary power solutions in a variety of styles, amperage and configurations, KH Industries has an option to fit the toughest of venues.

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