Shatter Resistant Lights by US Defense Logistics Agency

4 TThe American-made Quad Light will be used in by the US Military Construction & Equipment Division. KH’s Quad Light is a portable, wide area, industrial grade light made to resist breakage during accidental drops and impact.

The Award is for 100 – KH 68 Watt/5,200 Lumen Quad Lights, NSN: 6230-01-580-0346.KH Quad Light is shatter resistant feed through lighting

”K&H is pleased that the Quad Light was selected by DLA and that our military men and women will have a US-made portable light that can withstand the rigors of the harsh and hostile environments our troops are often deployed in.” explains John Herc, K&H Industries’ vice president of sales and marketing.

K&H’s design of the Quad Light incorporates several unique features that allow it to stay intact and keep working in extremely harsh environments, including high impact situations.

  • Proprietary K&H designed lamp shock absorbers keeps the bulbs stable in the event the Quad Light is dropped or impacted
  • The fluorescent bulbs have a laminate coating that contains the glass in the event breakage does occur. This keeps any cracked glass, powder, and mercury safely contained and allows easy clean up.
  • The tubeshields are made from shatter-resistant polycarbonate
  • The aluminum backbone of the light provides structural support
  • Rubber end caps stay intact during accidental drops and falls

In addition to its durability, the Quad Light offers an output of either 5,200 lumens/68 Watts or 11,800 lumens/128 Watts. Quad Lights can be daisy chained together for feed thru lighting, or used as a stand-alone portable fluorescent light.

The Quad Light is dual C/US CSA Certification.

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KH Industries is USA leading manufacturer of temporary lighting and power solutions for the military, utility, aviation, fleet, construction, manufacturing, chemical, petroleum and marine industries.


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