New NightRay Spot-only is Brighter and Competitively Priced

NR-775-20KFDS CarabeenerNightRay Spotlight: New Spotlight only Option is Brighter and Competitively Priced

KH Industries announced today that its NightRay Spotlights now have the option of a 360,000-cp spotlight-only bulbs. “The Par 46 H3 Halogen spot-only bulbs are exceptionally bright. We’ve been testing these bulbs for the last year and are confident that customer’s will be impressed with the output.” explains John Herc, vice president of KH Industries.

“It’s a winning solution any way you look at this: the bulbs are brighter, less expensive, and last longer.” explains Herc. The H3 Halogen spotlight bulb provides hundreds of hours of run time and cost 50% less than dual filament bulbs.

The NightRay spot-only, has all the durability of the traditional dual-filament NightRay spotlights, but with a much brighter bulb. “Over the years, customers have requested a brighter spotlight. Last year, we came out with our HID NightRay, which is the brightest vehicle-mounted spotlight in the Utility industry. But not all customers require the intensity of HID or could afford the price tag of it.” explains Herc.

“The Par 46 H3 Halogen spot-only is an affordable solution for nighttime inspection and repair professionals that are looking for a bright spotlight that is designed for the rigors of the utility industry.” All NightRay Spotlights are designed for use in extreme weather conditions, including snow, ice and saltwater.


  • 775-20: Hardwired NightRay, Par 46 H1 Spotlight only. Dash mounted control panel and wiring harness
  • NR-775-20KFDS: Wireless NightRay, Par 46 H1 Spotlight only, with key-fob (as shown in photograph)
  • NR-775-20DDC: Dual Controlled NightRay, Par 46 H1 Spotlight only, comes with dash mounted control panel, wiring harness, and key-fob

For more information, contact us or call 716-312-0088.

NightRay vehicle mounted spotlights were designed specifically for the rigors of the utility industry and over the years have become the worklight of choice for utility lineman. Because of NightRay’s rugged design, the spotlights are also used by the U.S. Military and Department of Defense, Fire and Rescue agencies, oil and gas industries, towing, and marine and fishing operators.

KH Industries is a state-of-the-art US manufacturer of industrial-grade portable lighting and power products for the utility, fleet, construction, aviation, chemical, petroleum, marine, and agricultural industries. KH Industries is located in Hamburg, New York.


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