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Today we’re very excited to announce the newest version of While the most notable difference is the new, modern, flat design, we’ve implemented a ton of enhanced features to improve the customer (that’s you!) user experience with our website and products.

Let’s take a tour, shall we?

New, Slick Design

Here are before and after comparisons of our old site and new site. We placed our product categories front and center so you can quickly and easily find what you’re looking for. If you can’t find it, you need a customized solution, or you’d just rather speak to a human, we’ve placed our phone number and links to our contact form all over the site. Feel free to call us (716) 312-0088 or jump over to the contact form for assistance.


Simplified Products

We’ve simplified our catalog of products to show you the very base of everything we have to offer. If you have a general idea of the product you’re looking for, this should help you find it much easier. Also, keep in mind that most of our products can be customized to meet your specific needs!


Choose Your Model & Configuration

Now that you’ve selected a base product, you’ll find a list of all different product configurations. You can use the sort buttons at the top to sort from ascending to descending order (or vice versa). Clicking on a model number will take you to the individual product page with unique attributes and information. From this page, you’ll also be able to Compare different configurations/models, or add products to a quote.

khindustries-new-web-3Comparing Products

You can compare up to 4 products at a time to see them side-by-side.

On the Compare Products screen, you can:

  1. Email this page, download a PDF copy, or copy the link to paste into an email
  2. Add products directly to your quote if you’ve decided that’s what you want, or
  3. Remove products from this screen


Request a Quote

Once you’ve added products to your Quote toolbox, you can view a list of the products that you are requesting a quote for.

  1. Remove products from your Quote
  2. Add more products (go back to the product page to add additional products)
  3. Proceed to Submit Quote



Another major feature we’re excited about is that our website is now mobile-friendly. That means it can be viewed on any smartphone or tablet device. We know many of our customers are on-the-go, so we wanted to ensure that accessing our site via mobile is a seamless experience.



We’re Here for You

We hope you have a great experience with our new website. We’re always looking for feedback and ways to improve, so please don’t hesitate to drop us a note if you have suggestions or comments! If you have questions about KH Industries products or customized solutions, please call 716-312-0088.



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