KH Launches Industrial Grade White Retractable Power Cord Reels

KH White Rectactable Cord Reel white cable ORB3-6DDD-X12F-2KH’s RTB White Cord Reels are NEMA 4 listed for indoor, outdoor, and wet location use and have a 30-Amp/600 Volt rated slip ring while featuring a durable all steel body with white powder coat finish.

Industrial grade white retractable power cord reels by KH Industries include 12/3 SJOW or 12/3 SEOW white power cable to deliver 20-amps of service while providing an aesthetic and unobtrusive temporary power solution. KH’s RTB white cord reels are ideal for retail applications, educational/instructional facilities, and event/hospitality venues.White NEMA 4 20 Amp Cord Reels by KH Industries

K&H’s new product line of white retractable power cord reels includes over 15 model numbers with a variety of cord lengths from 25’, 35’ and 50’ with 12/3 SEOW and 12/3 SJOW white cable and options of a single receptacle, or an outlet box with 2 or 4 receptacles.

In 2009, K&H Industries began offering a white cord reel with 25’ of 12/3 SEOW white cable. Due to the high demand for this reel and the frequent requests for longer cable lengths, K&H is now offering a complete product line of white cord reels with white cable.

Frequently these reels are used in retail or teaching environments where a bright safety yellow cord reel would be jarring to the eye. With K&H’s white powder coated reel, the power reel blends into the background, while still delivering 20-amp power service. “Customers that want white cord reels, are frequently hair salons, teaching laboratories, retail stores, theaters, and event centers.“ states John Herc, vice president of K&H Industries.

Features on the RTB white retractable cord reel include:

  • 30-Amp/600-Volt rated slip ring
  • Heavy-duty formed steel mounting base: mount to ceiling, floor, or wall
  • All steel construction
  • White powder-coat finish
  • Adjustable ball stop included
  • Positive lock ratchet included
  • 6’ Feeder cord included
  • Made in USA


  • 25,’ 35’ or 50’ standard cord lengths, custom cord lengths available
  • 12/3, 600 Volt SEOW White Cable, or
  • 12/3, 300 Volt SJOW White Cable
  • Outlet boxes, plugs, or connectors

For additional information, call: 716-312-0088.

KH Industries is leading USA manufacturer of temporary lighting and power solutions for the utility, aviation, fleet, construction, manufacturing, chemical, petroleum and marine industries.


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