KH Industries Continues to Assist in COVID Efforts

Portable Power Pendant Outlet Boxes

October 21, 2020 – Hamburg, New York

After manufacturing portable emergency lighting used in temporary hospital tents and COVID testing centers back in March, KH Industries has continued to contribute to efforts in helping to deal with the effects of the pandemic.

Last month KH Industries was contacted by an electrical wholesaler in California looking for a large supply of power pendant outlet boxes to be installed at a COVID testing laboratory on the West Coast. KH Industries began to put together a quote for hundreds of custom pendant drops that needed to be delivered right away due to the growing need for the power required to run additional COVID testing centers.

The order was for heavy duty outlet boxes with either 15’ or 20’ cord, and in both 20 Amp and 30 Amp units, with a heavy duty strain relief grips so they could be dropped from the ceiling in the testing lab. Since the product is designed, manufactured, and shipped from Hamburg, NY, KH was able to customize the order to suit their needs.

In order to fulfill the order, the electrical wholesaler split the order between two manufacturers to increase efficiency on manufacturing and shipping the pendant drops. Wendy Caparco, technical sales engineer, had been working with the wholesaler to ensure all the specifications were being met. “Before we even finished finalizing the details, the other manufacturer indicated they would not be able to fulfill the order,” she said. Having previously worked with KH on cord reels and other power products for some of their customers, the electrical wholesaler didn’t hesitate to ask if KH could increase the order while still meeting their shipping deadlines.

“After checking with our production department on materials and delivery, we more than doubled the order,” said Caparco.

KH Industries was able to quickly mobilize production to manufacture the entire custom order and ensure timely delivery. Production worked into quite a few evenings to make sure deliver deadlines were met. In fact, the orders were split into 3 batches and each was shipped as soon as they could go out the door. This allowed the end user to begin installation and get the COVID-19 testing center up and running and, hopefully, bringing vital test results to communities faster.

“We are proud to be a US manufacturer every day of the year. Being able to contribute in even the smallest way to helping contain the pandemic is something we take very seriously and we are honored to help in any way we can,” said Janet Kennedy, Plant Manager.

Following the quick turnaround, the customer ordered additional power products the next week.


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