Portable and Explosion Proof Lighting

Built To Endure Any Hazardous Naval Shipbuilding & MRO Environment

Lighting Solutions Relied on by Naval Shipbuilders & Marine Technicians

Rugged, high-quality portable lighting and temporary power products from KH Industries are indispensable in nearly every aspect of naval shipbuilding.

Portable lighting products are an essential supplement to shipbuilding and MRO operations, with many tight and hard-to-access areas that require illumination. LED lighting systems like our Add-A-Lights and Quad Lights are perfect for feeding through scaffolding and intensely illuminating workspaces. Daisy chain up to 20 of these lights together for a flexible and continuous light source. Our LED lighting systems are built to endure the toughest work environments – shatter resistant bulbs and lamp shock absorption prevents any breakage from occurring.

Our NEMA certified Class 1 Div 1 explosion proof lighting is preferred for naval inspection, maintenance, and repair. Models with fluorescent bulbs range from 15 to 26 watts and provide up to 10,000 hours of life. Our LED explosion proof battery operated light is intrinsically safe for Class 1 Div 1 hazardous locations, making it a convenient and safe solution for tough to access areas.

Marines frequently rely on the durability, brightness, and long lasting life of our vehicle mounted remote control spotlight systems in search-and-rescue operations. Both the NightRay™ and StarBeam™ spotlight systems are available in wireless, hardwired or dual control methods as well as various lamp types including LED, Halogen, and HID. These lights are also highly effective for nighttime illumination on commercial fishing boats.

Finally, our NEMA 4 cord reels are unbeatable for on and off-shore power needs. Corrosion resistant, these retractable cord reels can withstand any harsh outdoor condition or wet location.

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