Emergency Tent Shelter Lighting for Disaster Relief Operations

K&H Industries offers several temporary lighting systems for temporary shelters used during disaster relief operations. From slimline 20 Watt and 40 Watt Add-A-Lights to the robust 5,200 and 11,800 lumen output of the Quad Light. Both temporary lighting systems allow several lights to be strung together in a daisy chainAdd A Light Portable Feed Through Lighting Systems by KH Industries for continuous feed through lighting.

KH’s temporary lighting systems are used by the military, first responders, and disaster relief organizations for lighting in emergency shelters and tents. Standard lighting packages include high output fluorescent bulbs that provide shadowless lighting with cool light output. Energy efficient LED bulbs are also available.

KH’s exclusive shatter resistant tubeshield protects the bulb from breakage during accident drops and falls. Rubber handles and end caps create a protective seal for the Add a Lights, while the Quad Light features laminated bulbs, shatter resistant tube shields, as well as an aluminum back bone and rubber bumpers that create a shatter-resistant lighting solution.

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KH Industries is a leading manufacturer of portable and temporary lighting and power products for industrial applications, including: Military/DOD, utility, aviation, fleet, construction, manufacturing, chemical, petroleum and marine industries.


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