Electric Cord Reels for Temporary and Permanent Industrial Worksites

The retractable electric cord reel is an upgraded version of a basic extension cord. It is an industrial reel that holds extension cords for easy access and storage when providing temporary power to devices away from a power source. A cord reel is an essential tool that safely and conveniently stores, pays out, and automatically rewinds electrical cable. Using a cord reel protects cords from wear and damage, helps to prevent kinks, and reduces trip hazards by keeping cords off the ground at worksites. Cord reels also offer cord retraction, which makes using and storing cords quick and more convenient.

Ensuring you choose the right electric cord reel for your industrial worksite or application is critical.

When choosing, consider your power needs and whether the job is indoors or outdoors. Other items to note include the length and type of cord required and the number of conductors needed. 

The wrong choice can overheat, damage equipment, or cause work to slow or shut down. Worse, it can result in fires, electrical shock, or serious bodily injury. 

Pairing the right electrical cord reel with the proper application makes powering an industrial worksite safer and more efficient. 

Temporary Worksites

Designed for a broad range of applications, electric retractable cord reels are used to power mobile machinery from a single power source or they are used when a jobsite is considered temporary. Whether running power from a truck to a temporary worksite or into a remote area, electric cord reels can play a role in getting the job done.

Municipalities, utility companies and distribution companies often have truck fleets that mount cord reels on their vehicles so they are able to travel to and from temporary jobsites, bringing in the power they need to run tools and machinery. Aside from the typical variables to consider, these types of outdoor applications must look closely at the NEMA ratings of the electric cord reel. Only cord reels rated NEMA 4 or NEMA 4X will provide the protection required in outdoor or extreme weather environments.

Construction and disaster areas often require power to be brought in when a power source has been destroyed or doesn’t exist. A heavy-duty electric cord reel with high amperage or a high number of conductors is often required for these big jobs. Electric cord reels can help service these temporary applications until a more permanent power solution has been created.

First responders and utility personnel are among those who frequently find themselves in scenarios where mobile power is needed. Nearly every call they respond to is in a different location; temporary power is often essential. These professions use industrial electrical cord reels to power equipment in the field and may rely on cord reels to power portable machinery, hand tools, and generators. They may also rely on cord reels to provide power charging for onboard equipment.

Permanent Worksites

Electric cord reels used in permanent industrial applications can be found in many different industries. Though retractable cord reels can be unmounted and moved, many applications mount a cord reel near the job site, where it remains there for the life of the reel. 

Manufacturing and distribution centers using industrial cord reels commonly install them in central areas where they are used for numerous applications. Ceiling-mounted electric cord reels can be used in manufacturing and distribution to keep power cords and cables off the ground. Centrally located, ceiling-mounted cord reels are versatile and can be used for many different purposes. Sometimes, retractable cord reels serve as a component and part of a larger machine or application. Other times, individual wall-mounted reels bring power to large equipment, lighting, or tools.  

Regardless of how electric cord reels are permanently mounted, they are ideal solutions that enhance safety at jobsites and supply power to where it’s needed.

Custom-built Electric Cord Reels

Offering such versatility means electric retractable cord reels work in a variety of industrial settings. From manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and education to a variety of maintenance and repair applications, retractable cord reels can be used to power equipment, hand tools, and more.

Specialty lengths, cord types, and colors are just a few of the ways to customize a cord reel so it meets the specifications of your needs. Mounting systems and other custom machining can take a standard cord reel and allow it to be used as a component in a larger system.

Getting power to certain applications is best accomplished with cord reel power stations. Whether it’s powering engine block heaters to keep bus or truck fleets running or charging onboard equipment for first response vehicles or distribution fleets, this permanent electric cord reel system keeps industrial jobsites running smoothly.

Electric Cord Reel Resources and Additional Information:

The goal is to choose an electric cord reel designed to spec and built from the highest quality materials so it can stand up to the most demanding conditions of your industry. All construction and installation requirements should be met, and your cord reel should be approved by an independent testing laboratory like Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL). Safety considerations—like the use of ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) protection in wet or damp environments—are also important.

KH Industries offers hundreds of industrial retractable cord reels to help you improve efficiency, productivity, and safety at your worksite. To learn more about KH Industries, our many cord reel options, and how we can support your company with our inventory of reliable tools, contact KH today.


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