Grounding reels are used to electrically connect equipment to the ground, which prevents equipment from becoming sufficiently charged to cause a static spark.


  • Rugged all-steel construction
  • Stranded steel cable
  • 100A grounding clamp
  • Rubber adjustable ballstop
  • Constant spring tension keeps the cable from becoming tangled (can be locked)
  • Corrosion resistant with red powder coated paint
  • Compact design
  • Mounts in any position (with spool perpendicular)
  • Built to NEC Standards


  • 25’ or 50’
  • Uncoated or orange nylon coated wire

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RTX Static Discharge Grounding Reels

Model # Product Cord Length Product Cord Type Product Comparison Quote Request
RTX-DCOK 50' Orange Coated Wire Rope Compare Add to Quote
RTX-DCOF 25' Orange Coated Wire Rope Compare Add to Quote
RTX-DCBK 50' Uncoated Wire Rope Compare Add to Quote
RTX-DCBF 25' Uncoated Wire Rope Compare Add to Quote

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