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New! NightRay 2 Wireless Spotlight System

NightRay 2 Wireless Spotlight System With Two Spotlights

NightRay 2 Wireless Spotlight System: Two Spotlights

KH Industries announced today the release of the NightRay 2 Spotlight System, which includes the new wireless TwinRay Controller. The NightRay 2 and TwinRay controller are exclusive to KH Industries and is the first vehicle-mounted lighting system to offer a single wireless remote controller to independently operate two spotlights. With the TwinRay controller’s exclusive A/B switch users can toggle between two NightRay Spotlights to create a wide area beam pattern or multi-directional lighting.

“The development of the NightRay 2 Lighting System and new TwinRay controller is customer driven,” explains Joseph Pinker, Jr., president of KH Industries.

“The NightRay Spotlight was designed specifically for the rigors of the utility industry. When it’s just you and the darkness, your spotlight needs to be dependable in any situation. NightRay continuouslyNightRay 2 Spotlight System, control two NightRay Spotlights with one controller proves itself in any environment making the power linemen our biggest advocates of the NightRay evolution.”

Pinker adds, “The majority of our utility customers mount two NightRay’s on their trouble trucks. Over the years we’ve received numerous requests from our lineman to be able to operate two NightRay’s independently. The Lineman need to widen the illumination of a particular worksite or create multi-directional lighting for multiple-crew work areas or two-man line inspection; with the TwinRay remote we’ve met this need and have also delivered some additional features.”

KH Industries will be demonstrating the new NightRay 2 Lighting System at the ICUEE Show, booth 2110.

Features on the NightRay 2 Lighting System:

  • New TwinRay Controller will operate one or two NightRay Spotlights
  • Easy in field programming when adding a NightRay Spotlight
  • Exclusive A/B switch toggles control between two lights to customize beam pattern or to create multi-directional lighting
  • TwinRay controller is ergonomically designed for easy gloved-hand operation
  • Available for dual-filament, Halogen, and HID NightRay models
  • Easy plug & play installation on NightRay 2 with TwinRay Hardwired Joystick

NightRay vehicle mounted spotlights were designed specifically for the rigors of the utility industry and over the years have become the worklight of choice for utility power lineman. Because of NightRay’s rugged design, the spotlights are also used by the U.S. Military and Department of Defense, Fire and Rescue agencies, oil and gas industries, towing, and marine and fishing operators.

KH Industries is a state-of-the-art US manufacturer of industrial-grade portable lighting and power products for the utility, fleet, construction, aviation, chemical, petroleum, marine, and agricultural industries. KH Industries is located in Hamburg, New York.


  1. Darrin Moe April 28, 2017


    an you give me a quote for this product to be used on our bucket trucks and if there is a price point drop on orders and how many would that be?

    • Leah Marchewka April 28, 2017

      Hi Darrin – Thanks for contacting us. I will have one of our lighting specialists contact you right away to discuss your needs further.

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