New LED Quad Light Available cUL/CSA Listed

KH LED Quad Lights_Ruler_EmailKH Industries, U.S. manufacturer of industrial grade lighting and power products has expanded its offering on its Quad Light to include 3,200 and 7,200 Lumen LED models.

KH Industries, a long time manufacturing partner with The Boeing Company, designed the original fluorescent Quad Lights based on specifications from a site visit to the 737 production line. At the time, the lead KH Industries engineer was Joseph Pinker, Jr., who today serves as president of KH Industries.

Today, the partnership has evolved as well as the Quad Light product line. The Quad Light is known for its durability and is the industry standard for rugged, wide area lighting in the aerospace/MRO industries. Now with the recent dual cUS/CSA Certification for the 3,200 Lumen and the 7,200 Lumen models the LED Quad Light will deliver a virtually unbreakable wide area, portable lighting system.

“Typically the Quad Lights are used in large scale manufacturing, overhaul and maintenance.” says Joseph Halas, regional sales manager, KH Industries. “The LED Quads were designed specifically for the aerospace industry. They use them during new construction or retrofitting because you can string up to 20 lights together and it will illuminate the entire fuselage. The LEDs don’t emit heat and draw very little energy. Additionally, the lights are made for rough service areas and can take an unusual amount of abuse.”

“The quality and lumen output of LEDs has dramatically improved in the last few years. We are using the new generation of Surface Mounted (SMD) LEDs in the Quad Light which only adds to the durability and ruggedness of the light. The new LED Quad Lights have a longer bulb lifespan, lower power consumption, and are more durable than traditional fluorescent.” explains Joseph Pinker Jr., president of KH Industries.

“The intensely bright lumen output and color rendition surpassed our quality tests. We partnered with the world’s largest aerospace company to field testing the lights and their positive feedback on the LED Quad Light was the driving force behind bringing this product to market for the rest of the airline maintenance, repair and overhaul industries.” says Pinker.

The Benefits of Using SMB LEDs vs. Fluorescent

High Brightness and Superior Color Rendition:

  • 3,200 Lumen model features 4 bulbs with 160 SMD LEDs per bulb
  • 7,200 Lumen model features 4 bulbs with 290 SMD LEDs per bulb
  • High quality SMD LEDs emit a higher brightness because of their wider beam angle of 120 degrees, making it ideal for wide area lighting solutions
  • Superior color rendition from a frosted bulb for defused light output

Longer Lifespan; better for the environment:

  • SMD LEDs transfer heat better, providing a longer lasting light and are rated up to 100,000 hours
  • Aluminum heat sink allows for even heat disbursement
  • Instant on, no buzzing, humming, or flickering, LEDs use a driver instead of a ballast
  • No mercury; no RF interference

Energy Efficient:

  • 3,200 Lumen model features 4 bulbs with 10 Watt/40 watt total output
  • 7,200 Lumen model features 4 bulbs with 20 Watt/80 watt total output
  • Up to 20 lights can be daisy changed together

More Durable:

  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • Aluminum extruded back heat sink
  • LEDs are enclosed in a polycarbonate tube and then protected inside a polycarbonate clear tube-shield
  • Thick aluminum circuit board for maximum heat dissipation

The LED Quad Lights can be used for feed through lighting or single use. They are available with clear tubeshields for 360° wide area lighting or reflective tube shields for focused task lighting. The lights have flexible positioning and can hang, stand, or lay on the floor, they also come with mounting straps and 45° angled feet.

Contact KH Industries for more information, including available models and pricing.

KH Industries is a state-of-the-art US manufacturer of industrial-grade portable lighting and power products for the utility, fleet, construction, aviation, chemical, petroleum, marine, and agricultural industries. KH Industries is located in Hamburg, New York.


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