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KH Industries Sponsors “Woodwalkers” Reality TV Show

KH Industries, U.S. manufacturer of the NightRay 2 Spotlight System is a proud sponsor of “Woodwalkers” a new reality television show airing to 96 million viewers nationwide on Tuff TV. The show is based on the Southeast Lineman Training Center’s 6-part series, “Elevated — The Story of the Woodwalkers.” “Elevated” is a docudrama highlighting the journey of individuals going through the vocational school’s 15-week training program to becoming a lineman apprentice.

NightRay Spotlight SLTC Sponsorship

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KH Industries is a product sponsor for the a two-part series titled Storm Training, in which the students come onto the scene of a nighttime large scale storm and power outage. Prior to the scene, the instructors cut down poles and power lines, uproot trees and positioned obstacles on the power lines, providing the students a unique and real life experience of nighttime storm repairs.

The two-part Storm Training is a signature event for the SLTC cohort, as it will take all of their 5-weeks of training to fix the simulated damages and restore power in the time frame allowed. The show takes place starting at 9:00 p.m. and the students work through-out into the early morning and experience the challenges and simulated dangers of nighttime line repair and pole replacement.

“Woodwalkers are part of an elite, highly-trained group of future American heroes — the ones that keep the power turned on for the rest of us, through the heat of the summer, the dead of winter and through every thunderstorm and natural disaster,” said PJ Nardy, executive vice president, Southeast Lineman Training Center (SLTC). “The show follows the journey of hopeful apprentice lineworkers at SLTC as they ‘put it all on the line’ for a chance at a new career and a fresh start at life. From scaling soaring 60-ft poles to rescuing an injured co-worker when every second counts, viewers will be amazed at some of the shocking scenarios a lineman must be trained to face every day as part of his job. Our goal with this series is to share these incredible stories.”

“KH Industries’ partnership with SLTC dates back close to a decade with support of the school through product donations of our NightRay Spotlight.” says Sean Wittmann, KH Industries national sales manager.

“SLTC provides apprentice lineman with valuable training, as well as an understanding of work methods and safety procedures, to meet the most current jobsite requirements and industry standards. What is unique about STLC is they have always featured a nighttime storm repair component to their training. This experience in Storm Repair, Episodes 1 and 2 will reinforce how critical it is to adhere to safe work standards for nighttime line repair. Our NightRay spotlights play a critical role during a disaster scene. From a safe distance, the team can safely evaluate the area, search for downed lines and hazards. During power restoration, the spotlight beam can be positioned by the lineman.”

Other sponsors of the show include Terex Utilities, Bashlin Industries, Buckingham, Greenlee, Sherman & Riley, Klien Tools, J.L Matthews, NESCO and Hastings.

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