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Improve Cord Management & Work Practices

OSHA Safety Standards Reduce Jobsite Accidents

The US Department of Labor cites some of the most frequently-reported injuries stem from slips, trips & falls. Many of these incidents are preventable with the right cord management equipment and compliance to OSHA’s workplace standards.

According to a 2017 report published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, slips, trips & falls accounted for 229,240 cases of nonfatal injuries and 849 fatal work-related injuries in 2016 alone. OSHA noncompliance incidents and safety reports show the proper use of extension and flexible cords are key in eliminating these issues by ensuring aisles, passageways and jobsites are clear of errant cords and cables. This is critical to maintaining a safe workspace and reducing trips and falls. Retractable power products are an ideal solution to the problem of keeping cords off the ground and out of the way at the jobsite.

Avoiding costly cord-related OSHA violations isn’t the only motivation for considering retractable power products. Substantial expenses related to slips, trips and falls are also a factor. Costs of these injuries to the worker include lost wages, out of pocket expenses, temporary or permanent disability, pain, reduced quality of life, depression and, in some cases, death. The costs to the employers include loss of productivity and business, increased industrial insurance premiums and costs associated with training replacement workers.

Most cord-related accidents could have been prevented by more sophisticated equipment like retractable cord reels and power pendant outlet boxes. Safety guidelines and OSHA standards, like 1910.305(G)(1) that address approved uses for flexible cords & cables, are particular regarding temporary wiring equipment requirements, processes and procedures to reduce workplace accidents related to cord management.

With all temporary power solutions, local electrical codes and OSHA standards need to be followed to avoid electrical hazards.
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