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KH Cord Reel Selector Makes Choosing the Right Cord Reel Easier

KH Industries has developed a tool on their website to assist in selecting the appropriate cord reel.

The retractable cord reels selector will help configure the proper cord reel based on a number of variables. When entering the desired gauge, number of conductors, cord length or cord type, the user is able to retrieve available options in the results. The more specific the requirements, the fewer, and more qualified results will be available. Those who may not be certain can opt for multiple variables, therefore yielding many results to choose from. By using the “Compare Products” button, the user is able to quickly review the specifications for up to four cord reels side-by-side to determine the best option for their needs.

Once the user has products selected, they can simply request a quote online and the KH sales department will provide a quote very quickly. While the website lists a finite number of cord reels available, there are hundreds more options available to customers – additional standard models or custom configurations.

The KH Cord Reel Selector is just one option for customers to learn more about our cord reel specifications, but for additional assistance, please feel free to call our cord reel specialists at 716-312-0088. Whether you don’t know where to start, need to talk through a project to identify requirements or special needs, work through a bid process, or design a custom configuration, KH is happy to help.

Contact KH Industries for more information, including available models and pricing.
Phone: 716-312-0088


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