Client Need

The Boeing Company, a long time user of the fluorescent Quad Light approached KH Industries to design a LED feed through lighting system that could be used during the fuselage construction of the new 787 Dreamliner aircraft. They needed a low amperage, high lumen output portable  lighting system for demanding rough service environments.

KH Solution

KH Industries designed the LED Quad Light specifically for The Boeing Company, however, it is quickly becoming the aerospace industries standard for temporary and portable LED wide area lighting systems. As seen in the above photograph, United/Continental Airlines are utilizing the LED Quad Light for aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) lighting.

The QL420C-16A-10A is a 7,200 lumen/80 watt LED feed through portable lighting system, with clear tube shields that provide very bright, wide area lighting. They are used during new construction or retrofitting aircraft because up to 20 lights can be strung together, illuminating the entire fuselage. KH Industries is using the newest SMD LED technology, which don’t emit heat and draw very little energy. Additionally, the lights are made for rough service areas and can take an unusual amount of abuse.

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