Client Need

PG&E’s new fleet of Green Fleet bucket trucks required a low amperage, high light output vehicle-mounted, remote controlled spotlight that could operate from the utility vehicles 12-volt battery without idling.

KH Solution

KH Industries, in partnership with Altec Industries and Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), designed both LED and HID dual head remote controlled spotlights for PG&E’s evaluation for use in PG&E’s Green Fleet.

After several sessions of field testing,  PG&E selected the HID StarBeam Spotlight for the superior high light output.  The SB2-1D035-D has (2) 35 Watt Xenon lamps, with a total light output of 6,400 lumens or 1,200,000-cp and under a 7.5 amperage draw.

The Green Fleet vehicles do not require the engine to be idling for utility crews to operate the bucket and other on-board equipment, such as exterior lights, this  reduces emissions, and vehicle operating costs, which extends the life of the vehicle.

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