StarBeam 2 Remote Controlled Spotlight

Model #: SB2-1L048-W
  • Lamp Type:


  • Max Amps:

    8 Amp

  • Volts:

    12 VDC

  • Controller Method:



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  • Equipped with two Par 56 LED lamp heads, that include 10-Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) per head
  • Low power draw, only 4-Amps per head
  • Provides robust, LED solid-state solution
  • Focused high output light pattern, adding in illuminating objects at a distance
  • Motor-controlled dual lamp heads rotate 330° (±10°) on horizontal and vertical axis to provide precise placement of light output
  • Up to 100 feet wireless-remote reception with wireless remote controller.
  • Two Par 56 LED spotlights providing with intense light output and low amperage draw
  • Weather-resistant control housing provide safe, dependable operation in the most demanding environments
  • Made in the USA