Model #: FTCT-FL-KIT80Product Kit Length: 80'Product Cord Type: Flat CableProduct # Trolley(s): 16

C-track festoon kit for 80’ travel for flat cable system, includes: 1 End Clamp, 7 Splices, 2 End Caps, 1 Tow Bar, 16 Trolleys, 17 Hangers, and C-Track.

C-Track systems operate at higher speeds over longer distances and at a heavier weight capacity than wire rope systems. C-Track is suitable for indoor or outdoor use; typical applications are overhead cranes, hoist units, and transport systems.

  • Designed for travel speeds up to 260-feet per minute.
  • This system will accommodate flat cable up to: 2.13 inch wide by 1.38 inch high.
  • Rail measures 1.18 inch by 1.26 inch by 0.08 inch and comes in 10 foot sections.
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
  • For straight or mildly curved travel.
  • Additional or replacement trolleys, end clamps, and various sizes of flat cable can be purchased separately, see replacement parts.
  • 40 pounds trolley capacity.
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