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Model #: SB2-1H130-DProduct Controller Method: Dual Control: Hardwired & WirelessProduct Lamp Type: H3 HalogenProduct Max Amps: 13 AmpsProduct Candle Power: 720,000 SpotProduct Volts: 12 VDC

StarBeam 2 Wireless 720,000-cp Spotlight

  • Equipped with two H3 halogen lamp heads providing 720,000-cp; 12VDC
  • Equipped with two- HID Xenon lamp heads providing 1,200,000-cp
  • Featuring the new TwinRay Wireless & Wired remote controllers

Polycarbonate sealed housing and weather proof receiver board and motor housing provide an extremely weather resistant design. The Starbeam’s internal assembly features hard coated anodized drive shafts, brushless connections, and lubrication free drive system which will provide years of dependable service under extreme environmental conditions including snow, ice, and saltwater. Now with the versatile TwinRay controller, you can easily turn on or off the light and rotate the heads horizontally or vertically to provide safe illumination exactly where it’s needed.


  • Motor-controlled dual lamp heads rotate 330° (±10°) on horizontal and vertical axis to provide precise placement of light output
  • Up to 100 feet wireless-remote reception with TwinRay wireless remote controller. (Read more below on the new TwinRay)
  • Two H3 Halogen spotlights providing 720,000-cp
  • Weather-resistant  control housing provide safe, dependable operation in the most demanding environments
  • Made in the USA
  • Part number SB2-1H130-W replaces SB-101C-LT401

KH’s exclusive Nightwave™transmitter technology provides clear and consistent, noise free communication.

The enhanced signal-to-noise ratio with KH’s proprietary selective signal processing provides the technology for this state of the art NightRay 2 Spotlight System. Additionally, KH’s exclusive multiple R.F. code sequencing with positive identification eliminates false signals from other R.F. transmitters and environmental noise.

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