Model #: HSD117C-SAAC05-B12V15Product Cord Gauge: 12Product Feed Cord Length: 100'Product Overall Cord Length: 140'Product Distance Between Lamp Heads: 10’ Equal SpacingProduct Lumens: 8,500Product Cord End: Dead EndProduct # of Lamp Heads: 5


  • Standard HazRay™ Stringer is comprised of 5 lightweight lamp heads
  • Includes one set of safety straps per lamp head; optional mounting hardware to facilitate placement
  • Lightweight and low profile – ideal for almost any C1D1 application


  • Lumens: 8,500 (standard 5-lamp head stringer)
  • Power: 84.5W (standard 5-lamp head stringer)
  • Stringer Weight: 7.5 lbs*
  • Number of LEDs: 225 (standard 5-lamp head stringer)
  • Cord length between lamps is 10’ (standard); available up to 25’

*Based on 5-lamp head stringer; inclusive of protective lens cover, not including cord.

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