Remote Control Vehicle Mounted Spotlights & Heavy Duty Cord Reels

Prepare Your Fleet For Any Condition or Emergency

Emergency Lighting & Power Solutions That First Responders Can Count On

First responders and utility workers rely on KH Industries for dependable lighting and power products that will keep them ready to respond at a moment’s notice and remain at peak performance until the job is done.

Our remote control vehicle mounted spotlights are made to resist snow, ice, and saltwater, making them an effective solution in any condition, any time of year. The NightRay™ Spotlight, in particular, is frequently used on utility vehicles for nighttime line inspection and repair. Various models are available, with LED, Halogen, HID, or Incandescent bulbs, and wireless, hardwired or dual control methods. Alternatively, the StarBeam™ spotlight system is often used as an emergency light for public safety and first responders as it offers superior durability and illumination for search and rescue operations.

Finally, our industry-leading line of NEMA 4x rated cord reels are an unmatched choice for engine block heaters and charging stations. These industrial cord reels are built to endure the outdoors and resistant to corrosion.

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