Heavy Duty Cord Reels & Temporary Portable Lighting

Designed For Customer Facing Operations and Venues

Reliable Power & Lighting Solutions For Retail Applications

KH Industries offers a wide selection of retractable cord reels and portable lighting solutions for customer-facing retail and commercial retail environments.

Gone are the days of catering to max ceiling heights of 16’. Our new RTA retractable cord reels give retailers the ability to lift up to 50’ of 12/3 cord with any accessories. At KH Industries, we give you options to find the perfect cord reel. Our line of NEMA certified retractable cord reels range from light duty to heavy duty, and are available in multiple power configurations, lengths, and amps to meet the needs of any commercial or retail space.

Multiple color options are also available, including white, black, and yellow, so you can choose a power solution that blends with your retail displays. The white cord reel is preferred when power sources are required to integrate into traditional retail surroundings, as it aesthetically blends into the white ceilings of most big box retailers.

Temporary power solutions are also very popular within interactive retail displays. Our power stringers, and power pendant outlet boxes give retailers the flexibility and performance required for the most rugged retail displays.

Let Us Help You Find The Best Heavy Duty Cord Reels & Temporary Portable Lighting Products For Commercial & Retail Space