United/Continental Airlines crew performing fuselage maintenance, repair, and overhaul work using KH Industries LED Quad Lights.

KH Industries’ Quad Lights durable design holds up to 24/7/365 usage in harsh, rough service environments. A selection of industrial-grade and hazardous location lights are available for both wide-area or task lighting.

“With 19 years working in aircraft maintenance before taking my present position, I’ve had considerable experience inside poorly lit hangars, and working inside and around dark and unlit aircraft.

Back then, the only lights I had access to were made by Daniel Woodhead. Our industry is tough on these lights and Woodhead did not offer any product support. Obviously product support is an essential part of product investment, so I decided to do some research, which resulted in discovering a company that fulfilled this need: KH industries with their excellent product line, including their  highly efficient and versatile Quad Light offered me everything I needed when it came to providing aircraft technicians with a well-lit and safe working environment.”

Continental started out using the original fluorescent Quad Light and still does, however they are transitioning to the LED Quad Light.  Tom Holcomb explains his reasons below:

  1. The LED lights will require less maintenance and be more cost effective, ie. Damaged and blown bulbs replacement cost.
  2. I conducted a side by side comparison in the aircraft, LED vs. fluorescent, and the LEDs appear to be brighter and possibly easier on the eyes.
  3. LED lights can withstand more abuse than fluorescent lights and will be even more durable.

Tom Holcomb
Continental/United Airline
ASE Technician

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